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Sara Petroff was once in a place where her vibrant social life seemed to be fading away.

As her tinnitus and hearing loss issues progressed over the years, the Toronto-based artist, curator, and interior designer found herself gradually withdrawing from social situations.

Sara Levine Petroff. Interior Designer, Curator, Art Consultant and Artist.
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"You know when you leave a concert, and it sounds like you're underwater? That's what it's like without my hearing aids," she described. 

It was a challenging period in her life, where each passing day was a struggle with the dimming world of sound​. The turning point in Sara’s journey was the guidance and support she received from her hearing care professional. 

Behind the scenes, Sara’s life changing experience was empowered by collaboration between her hearing care professional and their hearing aid provider. You can also leverage the power of partnerships in your practice to change lives.

Sara’s story

Sara Petroff's experience before receiving her Oticon hearing aids was marked by frustration and isolation.

She constantly felt like everyone around her was mumbling, leading to missed conversations and a growing disengagement from social situations. The distressing effects of tinnitus also took a toll on her daily life and relationships. 

The introduction of Oticon hearing aids brought about a remarkable transformation for Sara. It was more than just restored hearing; it was a rediscovery of her vibrant and outgoing self. 

With the support of her hearing aids, Sara regained the ability to actively participate in social interactions that she had previously distanced herself from. The positive changes extended beyond her hearing, allowing her to reconnect with the world and reignite her relationships.

The impact of technology

The Oticon hearing aids not only provided Sara with the gift of improved hearing but also brought back the joy and fulfillment that she had been missing. 

By reclaiming her outgoing persona, Sara regained her confidence and embraced a renewed sense of engagement with the people and activities that bring her happiness.

Oticon's innovative technology played a crucial role in Sara's transformation. Their advanced hearing aids offer exceptional sound quality by mimicking the brain's natural hearing process through BrainHearing™ technology. This allowed Sara to rediscover the richness of her auditory world, from the soft whispers of loved ones to the melodic sounds of nature. 

The personalized care provided by her hearing care professional, combined with Oticon's cutting-edge technology, empowered Sara to confidently engage in social interactions, pursue her professional endeavours, and experience joy in everyday moments.

A testament to partnerships

This transformational journey showcases the profound impact that hearing care professionals can have on their patients' lives. 

As Sara aptly put it: "It's about wanting to participate. It's about wanting to stay connected. It's about wanting to still be in the center of things."

Sara's journey also serves as a testament to the power of strong collaboration between hearing care professionals and their hearing aid providers. 

"When I first started to hear birds, I started to cry. I didn't realize that I had not been hearing them," she shared, demonstrating the profound impact of life-changing technology and personalized care​.

In collaboration with technology providers, hearing care professionals can facilitate a renewed sense of connection and participation in the lives of their patients.

Empower your practice

By aligning with Oticon, clinics can offer their patients the latest advancements in hearing aid technology and receive ongoing support and professional development opportunities that help them deliver exceptional care differentiating themselves in the industry.

Cutting-edge technology

As a pioneer in cutting edge hearing technology, Oticon’s comprehensive collection of products support patients of all ages and a wide range of hearing challenges.

Oticon’s technology is known for the sound quality, reliability, and ease of use. Based on the BrainHearing™️ philosophy, Oticon’s hearing aids prioritize natural sound processing and preservation of auditory details for a more authentic listening experience. 

Comprehensive support

Oticon provides comprehensive support and resources to hearing clinics, enabling them to deliver exceptional care.

This includes training programs, workshops, and ongoing education opportunities that keep hearing care professionals up-to-date with the latest advancements in audiology and hearing aid technology. Clinics can access valuable resources that enhance their knowledge and expertise, ultimately benefiting their patients and differentiating themselves in the market.

Collaborative approach 

Oticon values collaboration with hearing clinics and works collaboratively with them to achieve the best outcomes for patients. 

Hearing care practices can benefit from a trusted and reliable relationship that fosters collaboration, open communication, and mutual success. This partnership extends beyond the product, creating a support network where clinics can share best practices, receive guidance, and stay connected with other industry professionals.

Oticon is more than just a hearing aid manufacturer. It's a committed partner in empowering hearing care professionals to transform the lives of their patients. 

Learn more about partnering with Oticon today. 

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