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Message from the President

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Oh my goodness, it’s already March.   In less than three weeks from now it will officially be spring.  How is that possible?  I have to admit my heart sinks slightly as I reflect on the challenges of the last twelve months.   Fortunately, that sinking feeling is brief as the spring season always seems to bring me a sense of excitement and in particular this year, it brings me hope.

March is membership renewal month for CAA and that has me reflecting on our many accomplishments, and the opportunities that lay ahead.   I would  like to take a moment to note that our CAA Executive Director, supported by our Board of Directors, has always been careful to plan for the unexpected and that has certainly been valuable this year. I want to reassure all of you that the CAA has been incredibly careful to manage financial resources wisely to ensure a future for our organization.

I assume that many of you are also budgeting and considering how to allocate your money at this time of year.  For most of you, licensing or certification is a mandatory expense to continue to practice Audiology.  While these regulatory bodies have an essential role to protect the public by holding professionals to standards of care, it is important to remember that the Canadian Academy of Audiology, your professional association, is here to advocate for and to support YOU, the Audiologist.  Arguably - just as necessary.

I strongly believe that it is a benefit to the profession and to the public for professionals to have an organization which helps to educate, communicate, support and advocate for the professional. CAA is that organization for Audiologists in Canada. 

CAA is well known for the quality of educational opportunities that we provide to our members.  Most notably we are recognized for hosting high quality educational conferences, webinars,  blogs and our Journal ‘Canadian Audiologist’ (which you are reading now!).  We communicate through our newsletter, social media and our website and provide important public awareness through digital, print and broadcast media.  CAA supports Audiologists with our active career board and our NEW equipment sales board.  We have a rich source of Audiology expertise with 12 Audiology Director positions and a larger working network in our numerous committees. We provide relevant and updated tools to support you in marketing, building awareness and engagement.  We advocate independently and in collaboration with groups such as the Hearing Health Care Alliance, Canadian Infant Hearing Task Force and others on numerous issues important to Audiologists and their patients all across the country.  The truth is that the quantity and breadth of work that is done by CAA for Audiologists, barely touched on here, is simply too great to summarize in this message.  Please see our website “Benefits of Membership” section on our website or speak to one of our Board Members).  What we do matters to you and the hearing health of Canadians. 

So, as we enter this wonderful new spring season and consider all of the possibilities that come with it.  I urge you to reflect on the importance of being part of CAA.  This is the only Canadian organization with the sole focus on  Audiologists that meets and will continue to meet the educational, communication, support and advocacy needs for the Audiologist now and into the future. 

About the author

Margaret Young

Margaret Young has her Masters of Science in Audiology from the University of Western Ontario. Margaret started her career in private practice with a focus on pediatrics. She worked at several clinics in southern Ontario and then opened her own practice in Walkerton Ontario in the late 90’s. In addition to her private practice venture, Margaret consulted in Educational Audiology with the Auditory Management Services team providing Educational Audiology to school boards in South and Midwestern Ontario, and later in the Ottawa region. Margaret then transitioned to the manufacturing sector by joining Oticon first as a Technical Support Audiologist and later as their Senior Trainer. In 2009 Margaret accepted a unique opportunity with Costco Wholesale and is currently Director of Hearing Aids for Costco Canada. Margaret has a particular interest in patient centred care and the setting of clinical care standards for dispensing of hearing aids in Canada.