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Volume 4

Frequency Compression is for Speech but Not Music

Frequency compression of any form can be quite useful to avoid dead regions in the cochlea for speech but this does not follow for music. Speech is speech and music is music.

Science Matters

In this issue’s Science Matters feature, Marshall Chasin and William Yost delve into the world of complex pitch with an interesting feature containing, an introduction, a letter to the editor, a “Back to Basics” column, and a very interesting discussion.

Book Review: Hearing Aids on Prescription, Herman G. Wallenfels, 1967, Charles C. Thomas Publisher.

Marshall fires up the Canadian Audiologist time machine one more time and gives us a book review about Herman G. Wallenfels 1967 book, “Hearing Aids on Prescription.”

The dBA Versus the dB SPL War

War stories abound as our Canadian Audiologist’s “General” Marshall Chasin takes us to the front lines of “The dBA versus the dB SPL War.”


Marshall Chasin catches up with legendary audiologist Richard Seewald to discuss his outstanding career and find out what’s been keeping him busy in “retirement.”

RANTS! Some Things We Would Change—If We Could

Marshall Chasin asked a few colleagues in the industry and in the clinic to provide their thoughts (some may consider these as “rants”) about what they would change if they could. These colleagues have been practicing long enough to see many changes in technology and professional service delivery and kindly offer their perspective as to what we might change, if only we could.

Wallace Sabine, Music Halls, and Reverberation Time

Marshall Chasin recently caught up with Wallace Sabine at a séance on a dark and stormy night for a “virtual” conversation about reverberation time.

Volume 3

To Use Google Translate or Not? That Is the Question.

Marshall Chasin explains that if you’re using Google Translate during your basic audiology assessment, you have to remember that translations may not be entirely accurate.

An Open Letter to Hard-of-Hearing Musicians

Based on his 35 years of working at the Musicians’Clinics of Canada (, Marshall Chasin writes “An Open Letter to Hard-of-Hearing Musicians”.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Version française disponible ci-dessous is now passing the 200,000 unique views mark… and that’s just the beginning…. If I remember my advanced math classes, in a while we will be passing 250,000 or even 300,000 unique page views as well! In this issue of Canadian Audiologist we have 9 original feature articles ranging from a…