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Question: “If You are Performing an Insertion Gain Measurement, Do You Need to Subtract the REUR If It’s a Non-occluding Fitting?

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Q: “Clinically we occasionally see 2-year-old children with an inquiry of speech delay and they want to verify normal hearing prior to an SLP referral.  And sometimes the child is learning two languages at the same time at home. If there is a speech delay (or concern about a speech delay), should the parents be encouraged to only speak English at home, or continue with the two languages?”

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Q:  Is someone with a hearing loss more (or less) susceptible to future hearing deterioration from loud than those with normal hearing? A:  One’s initial gut feeling is that if there is already cochlear damage, then this would increase the chances of further hearing difficulty when compared with someone with normal cochlear function, given the…

Is There Any Downside to Just Doing the Epley Maneuver?

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