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Volume 8

The Consumerization of Hearing Health Comes of Age

Richard Einhorn writes about arrival and rapid maturation around the consumerization of hearing health technology and why this should surprise no one.

Volume 5

Smartphones and Microphones

Marshall looks at the pros and cons of the multitude of apps that can turn smartphones into sound-level meters, recording devices, playback devices, and to be coupled with external devices for hearing aids.

aVOR: We Walk You Through an Educational Tool with the Power to Help You Understand the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex

An understanding of vestibular structures in the inner ear and their function is unquestionably beneficial when you are engaged in vestibular practice but these mechanics are also notoriously difficult to grasp. This is an article for anyone who has ever grappled with this challenge.

Volume 4


Alberto Behar give us the lowdown on uses and accuracy when it comes to choosing a sound level meter App.