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Volume 11

Thirty Years Of Stories Too Good Not To Tell!

Todd Ricketts. Wow, where to start? Internationally known for his research, publications, lectures and professional leadership. Highly respected in academia; one of the cornerstones maintaining Vanderbilt’s #1 national audiology ranking for 20 consecutive years. His colleagues know him as a clear-thinking, level-headed, no-nonsense guy who can always be counted on for his integrity and loyalty.

Todd – Researcher, Writer, And Speaker

For the very few unfamiliar with his history, Todd was born near me, in Muscatine, Iowa. He moved to Iowa City for college in 1985, stayed for his master’s degree, and finished his PhD in 1994. History might suggest he studied with me, but the reality was that we studied together, having joined the faculty at the University of Iowa myself as a fresh PhD in 1988. As his clinic supervisor for a few years, I can attest that the patients loved this tall male, with his nervous laugh. And from his clinical experiences, he found lots to question and eventually study in his subsequent career.

Volume 10

Dusting Off Some Gems from the Audiologists’ Desk Reference Books

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were just one book, filled with charts, graphs, tables, and figures that would serve as single source for professors, researchers, clinicians and even students—The Audiologists’ Desk Reference or ADR was born.

Life as an Audiologist: Stories Too Good Not to Tell

Even the best hearing care professionals make mistakes or find themselves in unexpected situations. Here are some humorous and poignant stories from “the trenches” of audiology.

Volume 5

Valente Vignettes: Bad Introductions, Billy Joel, and Baseball

After overcoming an initial erroneous introduction, Gus looks back on the past 35 years where he and Mike have worked together on research projects, articles, book chapters, journal editing, and various committees.