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Volume 6

Please, Rethink Telecoils!

Gael Hannan tells us why telecoils in her hearing aids have made her life better.

Seven Steps for Creating an Accessibility Project to Reduce Barriers for People who are Hard of Hearing in the Community

With the passing of Bill C-81:  The Accessible Canada Act., this article hopes to outline seven steps to help create an accessibility project in your community.

Assistive Listening Devices – Trust Me, They Work!

Greg Noel looks at the importance of demystifying the issues around assistive listening technology directly with the client.

The Use of Captions in Post-Secondary Institutions

In this edition of “Issues in Accessibility,” audiologist Janine Verge along with Dalhousie University audiology students, Vincent Chow, Saidah Adisa, and Sylvia  Ciechanowski discuss universal design and the benefits of captions in post-secondary institutions.

Improving Accessibility with Captioning: An Overview of the Current State of Technology

Pam Millet gives us a look at Improving Accessibility with Captioning: An Overview of the Current State of Technology.

Accessibility: A Community Affair

Anne Griffin brings us up to speed on recent accessibility efforts in Grand Falls-Windsor, Central Newfoundland.

Improving Accessibility: Expanding the Role of Audiologists in the Built Environment

Guest co-editor Janine Verge, explores how accessibility outcomes are critically affected by the way society positions and views disability. Find out why the field of audiology should move beyond the medical model and step out of the booth to better meet the needs of those they serve.

Building an Accessible Canada Bill C-81: An Accessible Canada Act

CHHA Executive Director Christopher Sutton tells us about the importance of accessibility and give us insight into Bill C-81: An Accessible Canada Act.

Accessibility is for Everyone

Accessibility is about creating communities, workplaces, educational institutions, and services that enable everyone to participate fully in society without barriers.

Volume 3

Is Induction Loop Technology Old News?

Tim and Mike tell us why the Induction Loop continues to be the most practical, convenient and reliable system available for assistive listening in public places.