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Volume 11

Finding Harmony: The Role of Teamwork and Flexibility in Audiology

As clinicians, we know that each patient’s journey can present unique challenges and complexities. Often, more advanced audiological care for patients who suffer from Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, Auditory Processing concerns, or a combination of these can demand both adaptability and flexibility. During these appointments, we often need to take a holistic approach to patient care and think quickly and outside the box when making clinical recommendations.

Volume 10

Life as an Audiologist: Stories Too Good Not to Tell

Even the best hearing care professionals make mistakes or find themselves in unexpected situations. Here are some humorous and poignant stories from “the trenches” of audiology.

Volume 8

Beyond the Booth: Audiologists as Collaborators & Leaders in the Health Sciences

Through interviewing six audiologists in “outside the booth” roles, Maya Fields looks at how unique and personalized the field of audiology can be and how passionate each of these audiologists is about their work.

Volume 7

Online Learning Success for Students with Hearing Loss

Pam Millett looks at how the rapid rise in online learning due to COVID-19 has created unique challenges for students with hearing loss and why not enough time and attention has been paid to issues for students with special needs.

The Incredible Shrinking FM Receiver

It is challenging for clinical audiologists to keep track of advances in FM system technology. With parent consent, picking up the phone or sending an email to collaborate on technology choices ensures that our students have the best possible access to the world through hearing.


Mindfulness is a pointed awareness of the present moment, your attention is fully in the here and now. You discard distracted thoughts, manage physiological reactions, and listen deeply to those around you. No more autopilot.

Volume 6

“His Hearing Isn’t Really the Problem” and Other Teacher Misconceptions

This issue’s column will explore some of the misconceptions that classroom teachers have about hearing loss, and how to provide better information and strategies for them to support students effectively.

Ten Highlights from the History of Audiology: A Top-10 List of Events and Achievements in Audiology During the Last 75 years

Courtesy of our friends at the Hearing Review, James Jerger gives us Ten Highlights from the History of Audiology.

Audiology Training at Home and Abroad

Bob takes a look at the different qualifications that are needed to practice audiology in different jurisdictions around the world.

Improving Accessibility: Expanding the Role of Audiologists in the Built Environment

Guest co-editor Janine Verge, explores how accessibility outcomes are critically affected by the way society positions and views disability. Find out why the field of audiology should move beyond the medical model and step out of the booth to better meet the needs of those they serve.