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Volume 6

Accessibility: A Community Affair

Anne Griffin brings us up to speed on recent accessibility efforts in Grand Falls-Windsor, Central Newfoundland.

Hearing Loop – the Preferred Large Area Assistive Listening System: Here’s Why

Juliette Sterkens, well known hearing loop advocate, explains the advantages and disadvantages of different large area assistive listening technologies. Find out what consumers prefer and how you can help.

A Thing of the Past? Or a Thing of the Future?

Thomas Kaufmann puts to rest the myth that hearing loops are a thing of the past. On the contrary, they are needed and viable more than ever before. Find out about how this technology has the potential to completely transform the way all of us experience sound in our daily lives.

Volume 1

Improve Client Satisfaction and Build Your Practice

Nick Hobbs writes about how audiologists are uniquely positioned to recommend a simple well-established technology that can improve their clients’ satisfaction with hearing aids, improve their communities, and, in doing so, build their practices.