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Volume 10

Striking the Right Balance: Dizziness Triage – A Necessary but Complicated Challenge

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Margo Beckerman, AuD, and Devin McCaslin, PhD, write about the complicated by necessary challenge that is triaging the dizzy patient. 

Volume 9

Book Review

HEAR & BEYOND: Live Skillfully with Hearing Loss Eberts, S, Hannan, G (2022). Page Two. ISBN   978-1-77458-160-5 (paperback)ISBN   978-1-77458-161-2 (eBook) Reviewed by Rex Banks, AuD, Reg. CASLPO Shari Eberts and Gael Hannan are arguably two of the most familiar faces in hearing health consumer advocacy on the planet. For years, I have been following both,…