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Volume 8

Brainvolts and Nina Kraus

Even though this is an interview about
it’s difficult to separate Nina Kraus from Brainvolts.

Nina Kraus and the Art of Mentorship

Nina’s mentorship is the crucial component for how her group has maintained such incredible productivity throughout her career. This brief paper will reflect on observations accumulated during the authors’ tenure in the Auditory Neuroscience Lab.

Sound Impressions. Sound Guidance.

Ann Bradlow details how Nina’s research group created a sense of endless possibility and how she was lucky enough to enjoy this wonder for three years which turned out to be a pivotal point in her career as a linguist and speech scientist.

Nina’s Passion for Science and Family

Kelly Trenblay tells us about Nina’s two passions – science and family.

Nina Kraus and Individual Differences in Auditory Processing

Karen Banai describes how Nina’s work not only helps scientists deal with individual differences, but it also touches on the lives of so many human listeners, neurotypical and atypical alike.

The Dynamic Range of Nina Kraus

Through her research and mentorship, Nina has made a lasting impact on our field and our understanding of the neurophysiological basis of speech perception. Erika’s writes how it has been an honor to be part of her “we” for the last 18+ years.

Life Lessons

In the past 10 years since earning her PhD in Auditory Neuroscience Jane fondly reflects on the lessons I learned from her advisor, Dr. Nina Kraus.

Memories of Times Past

As some of the first to have worked in Nina’s lab at Northwestern, Trent and Anu reminisce about those earliest, seminal, foundational years which shaped all that came later.

Setting a Great Example

Samira Anderson outlines how Nina’s work as a teacher and researcher has impacted students and colleagues and Samira herself.

Book Review

Of Sound Mind. How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World By Nina Kraus, Ph.D. The MIT Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts | London, England. ISBN 9780262045865 (hardcover). This book has 368 pages, including the index. Reviewed by: Amineh Koravand, PhD Dr. Nina Kraus is the Hugh Knowles Professor at Northwestern University, exploring the neural encoding of…