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Volume 3

Implementing an Effective Hearing Conservation Program for Dental Students

Of the 10 million individuals with hearing loss living in the United States many have developed noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) from exposure to occupational noise. This paper by Monika Sharma and colleagues looks at one specific occupation at risk for NIHL, the field of dentistry.

Volume 2

Australian HEARsmart Targets Unhealthy Listening Habits

In a wonderful submission from Elizabeth Beach and Jane Sewell, we learn about how the new Australian HEARsmart program targets unhealthy listening habits.

Unraveling the Mystery of Hair Cell Death from Noise

As we learn more about the mechanisms of cochlear cell death, we will have the opportunity to intervene and prevent NIHL. The future will be exciting for audiology as we potentially become involved in administering antioxidant therapies in advance of noise exposure or preventing the cascade of events that lead to ROS formulation, cochlear cell death, and NIHL post exposure.

Perhaps the Reason We Haven’t Solved the Noise Induced Hearing Loss Problem is Because We’re Not Asking the Right Questions

People have known this about noise and its effects on hearing for decades and yet Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) remains epidemic in the workplaces of America. Jeffery Goldberg explains why.

Prevention of NIHL and Tinnitus is Possible: Dangerous Decibels® Update

Deborah O’Sullivan encourages all audiologists to make a positive and lasting difference in their communities by helping to prevent noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.