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Volume 11

Todd and the Clothes Dryer

I know that this sounds like the title of a kid’s book – Todd and the Clothes Dryer – but when I think of Dr. Todd Ricketts, I think of a clothes dryer. Why a clothes dryer and not a hearing aid, you might be wondering? Todd has a big heart, strong arms, and a kind spirit, he volunteered to help us move. I will never forget seeing Dr. Todd Ricketts carrying my clothes dryer out of the front door of my old house. Growing tired of waiting for the dolly to be available, he’d wrapped his two long arms around the dryer, carried it out of the house, and eventually onto the moving truck.

Volume 4

Using a Dereverberation Program to Improve Speech Intelligibility and Reduce Perceived Listening Effort in Reverberation

In this article, the authors investigated the effect of a hearing aid feature, “Reverberant Room”, on listening effort. Their study measured both speech recognition and perceived listening effort for adult listeners with hearing loss.