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Volume 4


Symphonic music can pose a hearing hazard for musicians. Alberto Behar and his colleagues investigate the use of acoustic shields as a potential safeguard.

Volume 3

Predicting Musician’s Hearing Loss

Alberto Behar writes that there is nothing new regarding hearing loss from long duration exposure to loud noise. The question has always been on how loud is loud and how long a duration should be to be considered as “long.”

Volume 1

Shields, Screens, and Baffles

Sandra Teglas examines the use of acoustic shields, screens and baffles to aid in hearing protection for musicians.

The Use of a High Frequency Emphasis Microphone for Musicians

Marshall Chasin and Mark Schmidt tell us about the HF microphone as a low-tech solution for performing musicians and “ultra-audiophiles.”

Use it or Lose it: Hearing Abilities are Preserved in Older Musicians

Guest columnists Claude Alain and Benjamin Rich Zendel review studies that have investigated the role of musical training as a mean to mitigate age-related decline in difficulties understanding speech in noise.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Version française disponible ci-dessous I am frequently asked by my musician clients if they can have control over my software programming when fitting and adjusting their hearing aids. At this point I usually look over my glasses frame and with my best paternalistic look, I say “no.” At this point they get impatient with me…