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Why Audiology? Contest Winners

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This fall, CAA held a contest for Canadian audiology students entitled Why Audiology? Students were asked to develop a project to promote audiology to other students, professionals, or members of the public who might benefit from knowing more about what audiologists do.

The winning entry was submitted by Sebastien Pilon and Kathryn Toner, both first-year students in audiology at Western University. Sebastien and Kathryn prepared a five-minute presentation on audiology entitled, Have you heard about health care’s best kept secret? which they delivered to 180 undergraduate students in Kinesiology at Western University. 

Sebastien and Kathryn identified that many of the kinesiology students would go on to work in other health-related fields after graduation and could benefit from learning about audiology. They write, “Educating future health care professionals about the field of audiology provides the knowledge and resources needed for referral, provision of hearing health information and interdisciplinary collaboration.” The two are considering ways to expand their project in the future.

Three other, excellent projects were also submitted:

From the entire first-year audiology class at Western: a short video of interviews with other students on campus about what they knew about Audiology and finished with a summary and examples of audiologists at work: (hugely popular on the CAA Facebook page)

From Nicole Pelley, a first-year student at Dalhousie: Nicole co-wrote and performed an original and ear-worm worthy song about audiology which she promoted on social media:

From Evan McIntyre, also from Dalhousie: Evan produced a compelling radio documentary about one man’s experience with tinnitus, When loss is loud, which Evan then posted to SoundCloud and Reddit, encouraging those with tinnitus and hearing loss to consult with an audiologist: