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Predicting Speech Perception from the Audiogram and Vice Versa



Predicting Speech Perception from the Audiogram and Vice Versa

The goal of this research was to investigate a new method of converting between audiograms and speech perception measures to demonstrate their equivalence or otherwise with a goal of increasing the understanding of the connection between speech perception performance and hearing loss.

A Brief History of the Cochlear Implant

David Clinkard and Jason Leblanc give us a brief history of the cochlear implant and how severe hearing impairment that is not adequately treated with properly fitted hearing aids can now be addressed surgically.


The Wired Audiologist

In Peter’s last column he discussed the value and importance of incorporating speech-in-noise testing into an audiologist’s standard set of assessments. Now he tells us how to develop a treatment plan with this information.

Other People's Ideas

Calvin Staples has chosen some excellent entries from that illustrate how audiologists must ensure they are “More than the Device.”

The Way I Hear It

Gael Hannan debunks an urban myth that people who use hearing aids dislike them with her wonderful Love Poem to Hearing Aids.

Striking the Right Balance

Dr. Rick Balys amd Steven MacNeil discuss how to look for signs that your patient may have chronic subjective dizziness (CSD).

Science Matters

Bill brings us up to speed with the latest on infant hearing in Canada and the Canadian Infant Hearing Task Force.


Wayne Staab takes us for a trip along “The Elusive Road to Binaural Hearing Aids”

Stories from Our Past

Alan More brings us the fascinating history of the enduring partnership between Harold Spar and Henry Meltsner and the innovation and advancements of Hal-Hen.

From the Centre Out

Via our friends as, Carol Lau tells us how we can maximize auditory training effectiveness.

Back to Basics

It is almost as if music has something in common with everything − psychology, physiology, acoustics, engineering, most areas of the arts, and now the lowly spondee – Marshall Chasin tells us why.

Noisy Notes

Ever wonder what an octave band is? Alberto Behar has the answer.
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