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Audiology, Audioprosthesis, and Speech-Language Pathology Services in Haiti

Christine Turgeon tells us about L’Équipe/Team Canada Healing Hands (TCHH), a humanitarian and registered charitable organization, who’s volunteers have a record of success working with various partners throughout Haiti and other low-resourced regions, to strengthen local capacities in rehabilitation for children and adults with disabilities.

Noise Regulation Needed

The author questions why the people performing audiometric tests in the province of Ontario are not licensed as is the case in other Canadian provinces.

Improve Client Satisfaction and Build Your Practice

Nick Hobbs writes about how audiologists are uniquely positioned to recommend a simple well-established technology that can improve their clients’ satisfaction with hearing aids, improve their communities, and, in doing so, build their practices.


The Wired Audiologist

Peter Stelmacovich discusses the challenges in the management of adults with significantly disabling hearing loss.

Other People's Ideas

With inspiration from the Superbowl Calvin Staples selects some great blog entries focused on all things related to sound.

The Way I Hear It

Gael Hannan looks at other people’s response to here enthusiastic advocacy for hearing loss issues.

Science Matters

Greg Noel and Steve Aiken explore questions about the utility of obtaining acoustic reflexes.

Noisy Notes

Alberto Behar delves into concerns about health hazard from fibreglass material used in audiometric booths.


Wayne Staab and Steve Armstrong answer the questions “What is So Great About Bluetooth?”

From the Centre Out

Kim Tillery explains the nature of central auditory processing disorders (CAPD).

Back to Basics

Marshall Chasin explores the limitations and the benefits of a flared tubing.
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