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Volume 10

Public Concern and Measurements of Noise in the City

This article on historical facts in acoustics, centered on the subject of noise and health, is the final in the series that began with the article of the first anti-noise groups in 1895 and the first international anti-noise convention of 1908, and goes up to 1950 when the first urban zoning ordinances were published which established noise limits with numerical values in decibels.

Volume 4

Exceeding Client Expectations with Acoustically Treated Fitting Spaces

James Wright tell us that while delivering and fitting a new set of hearing aids, the first impression is of key importance for the client to make an easy transition to life with this new and costly addition to their communications needs. The hearing aid must meet the criteria of being physically comfortable to wear, aesthetically acceptable and perhaps most importantly, improve the quality of life for the user as they gain confidence in this new technology.

Volume 3

Upcoming Acoustical Events

Did you wonder if there is anything coming up for people with an interest in the effects of noise and noise control? Alberto Behar gives is the lowdown on the upcoming acoustical events around the world.