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Volume 11

Using Bluetooth (And Personal Hearing Aids) for Live Music Performance

Chasin and Morris investigate the common question from performing musicians who wear hearing aids with Bluetooth wireless transmission enabled regarding if they can use their personal amplification as in-ear monitors.

Volume 10

Will Bluetooth Auracast™ Broadcast Audio Will Become the Next-Generation Assistive Listening System?

While a standard has been developed for Bluetooth Auracast™, there is not yet a commercial device. When available, this technology will be one more tool in our toolbox to improve communication access.

What is Bluetooth and Is It Secure? sat down with Steve Armstrong of SoundGoodLabs to talk about Bluetooth.

Volume 3

How to Hear Better in the Car

Hearing in the car is a challenging listening environment for people with hearing loss. Peter Stelmacovich provides us with some possible technological solutions.

Is Induction Loop Technology Old News?

Tim and Mike tell us why the Induction Loop continues to be the most practical, convenient and reliable system available for assistive listening in public places.

An Overview of Hearing Instrument Wireless Technology

In this issue’s entry, Samidha Joglekar provides a basic overview of wireless technology in hearing instruments, and touches upon some of the research areas being examined with the implementation of this wireless technology.

Volume 1

Hearing Aids Made for iPhone®

Jennifer Groth tell us how ReSound is using MFi (made for Apple) technology and the low energy feature of Bluetooth to provide direct connectivity between hearing aids and Apple devices.

Bluetooth Technology – Part I

Wayne Staab and Steve Armstrong answer the questions “What is So Great About Bluetooth?”