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Volume 10

Quick Answers

Q: “Clinically we occasionally see 2-year-old children with an inquiry of speech delay and they want to verify normal hearing prior to an SLP referral.  And sometimes the child is learning two languages at the same time at home. If there is a speech delay (or concern about a speech delay), should the parents be encouraged to only speak English at home, or continue with the two languages?”

Volume 7

Optimizing Outcomes for Children Who are Hard of Hearing

Walker et al write about how accurate pictures of how hearing aids support language development in children who are hard of hearing and why it is essential to implementing scientifically-based intervention and counseling for caregivers.

Volume 5

To Use Google Translate or Not? That Is the Question.

Like many colleagues, Marshall Chasin explores the growing use of Google Translate (and similar programs, such as Babylon) as part of a clinical toolkit.

Volume 3

To Use Google Translate or Not? That Is the Question.

Marshall Chasin explains that if you’re using Google Translate during your basic audiology assessment, you have to remember that translations may not be entirely accurate.