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Volume 4

Check, Check: NIOSH Launches New Sound Level Meter App

Dr. John Howard subs in for Alberto Behar with this issue’s Noisy Notes. We are pleased to provide a reprint from NIOSH about the launch of their new sound level meter app.

Advance Notice of Publication: Are Smartphones as Accurate as Sound Level Meters?

Noise has been a constant and ongoing problem in workplaces across many industries and around the world. It has been linked to a number of diseases and health problems including: hypertension, noise induced hearing loss, heart disease and sleep disturbance. The industry standard device which is used for accurately measuring noise is the sound level meter (SLM) but for an untrained person, these may be confusing to operate. This is an advance notice of a study which has been completed and is in the process of manuscript writing.

Volume 3

Did You Know How Loud Balloons Can Be?

Do you know how loud ballons can be? If you don’t know the answer, this article by Bill Hodgetts and Dylan Scott may surprise you.

Predicting Musician’s Hearing Loss

Alberto Behar writes that there is nothing new regarding hearing loss from long duration exposure to loud noise. The question has always been on how loud is loud and how long a duration should be to be considered as “long.”

Volume 1

Movies – Too Loud?

Ever wonder why movies seem to be getting louder? Wayne Staab did and he tells us why this is happening in this issue’s installment of Trends.

Motorcycle Noise – Part II

Alberto Behar provides his unique insights once again in Motorcycle Noise Part II.

Motorcycle Noise

Alberto tells us all about the science behind motorcycle noise.

Common Transient Sounds: The Kitchen is a Very Noisy Place

Harry Teder weighs in on the noise associated with common transient sounds: specifically from the kitchen.

What is “Effective Quiet” for Music and Noise?

Marshall Chasin tell us What is “Effective Quiet” for Music and Noise.