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Volume 5

Striking the Right Balance: Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation: Pushing the Boundaries in the Field of Audiology

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Sylvie Auger, owner of Audiologie Centre-Ouest, discusses her career and encourages others to push the boundaries of their audiology practice by introducing vestibular assessment and rehabilitation.

Volume 3

Striking the Right Balance

Lisa Koch, AuD,  discusses what she feels is the general scope of practice audiologists should consider when including vestibular rehabilitation in their practice.

Volume 2

Finding a Balanced Chi

Have you been thinking that you would like to offer something for your patients with balance disorders but are not quite sure what to do? Have you considered Tai Chi?

Volume 1

Vestibular Issues in General Practice

Janine Verge covers vestibular issues in general practice.

Audiology, Audioprosthesis, and Speech-Language Pathology Services in Haiti

Christine Turgeon tells us about L’Équipe/Team Canada Healing Hands (TCHH), a humanitarian and registered charitable organization, who’s volunteers have a record of success working with various partners throughout Haiti and other low-resourced regions, to strengthen local capacities in rehabilitation for children and adults with disabilities.