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Volume 9

A Client’s Rant

A client sits down in the chair opposite you. You ask them how they’ve been. You don’t want a long recitation of what they’ve been up to, but you do want honest answers in the area of hearing and communication. If you had asked me how I wasin, say, early October, and I answered you…

Volume 8

The Consumerization of Hearing Health Comes of Age

Richard Einhorn writes about arrival and rapid maturation around the consumerization of hearing health technology and why this should surprise no one.

Volume 7

Hearing Innovation – Improving Healthcare for Canadians

To help address the problem of limited access to testing and diagnosis in at-risk populations, our research group has partnered with businesses and healthcare organizations to use SHOEBOX QuickTest to systematically identify patients with hearing loss as a routine part of hospital care.

Volume 6

Hearing Loop – the Preferred Large Area Assistive Listening System: Here’s Why

Juliette Sterkens, well known hearing loop advocate, explains the advantages and disadvantages of different large area assistive listening technologies. Find out what consumers prefer and how you can help.

A Thing of the Past? Or a Thing of the Future?

Thomas Kaufmann puts to rest the myth that hearing loops are a thing of the past. On the contrary, they are needed and viable more than ever before. Find out about how this technology has the potential to completely transform the way all of us experience sound in our daily lives.

Volume 5

Did I Blow My Chance?

Gael Hannan tells us about here recent trip to Scandinavia, her speech at GN Resound, and her experiences with accessibility along the way.

Volume 4

Post-Secondary Case Studies

This third article in the series presents some case examples of students with hearing loss currently studying in university and a link in how the 3 pillars for success played a role.

From the Audimeter to the Audiometer

Wayne takes a fascinating look at how today’s audiometer is a far cry from what it was more than one hundred years ago, not only visibly, but also in technology.

20Q: Frequency Lowering Ten Years Later – New Technology Innovations

Courtesy of our good friends at AudiologyOnline, we’re pleased to reprint their September 2016, 20 Questions interview with Joshua Alexander.

Volume 3

The Wired Audiologist

In his last column, Peter discussed candidacy for wireless microphones. In this issue, he shares some personal strategies he uses in challenging listening situations.