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Volume 6

WWII Bomber Crews & Hearing Loss: Part I

Robert Traynor takes a look at huge noise exposure among the air crews in bombers and fighter planes in WWI.

Volume 5

Stories From our Past

Courtesy of our friends at, Robert Traynor tells us about the fascinating Howard Hughes and The Road to Hearing Loss.

Volume 4

The Road to the Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid

Buckle up and enjoy the ride as Robert Traynor takes on a trip down “The Road to the Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid.”

Volume 3

Development of the TTY – Part IV: The Final Chapter

In this installment of “Stories from Our Past,” Robert Traynor looks a the development of the TTY.

Who is the REAL “Father of Audiology?”

Courtesy our newest contributor, Robert Traynor, we are about to find out “Who is the Real Father of Audiology?”