Volume 8

Reducing Barriers at Reception and Counter Service Areas for People Living with Hearing Loss

Janine Verge writes about how we must remember that quality customer service includes reducing physical barriers at reception and counter service areas for people living with hearing loss to make them feel valued, and help create accessible communities.

Stay Connected

May is hearing and speech month. What better time to consider how you can make your phone and video calling more accessible for yourself or other people living with hearing loss!

Using Speech-to-Text Automatic Speech Recognition Software to Improve Accessibility in Audiology Practice

In-person communication barriers can exist during all points of contact during a hearing test appointment. This article gives some examples of at-risk populations that may require additional communication strategies and how to help.

COVID-19 Brings Extra Challenges for People with Hearing Loss

Hearing health advocate Shari Eberts encourages audiologist to ensure some recently discovered communications tools and workarounds will transition to post-pandemic normality.

Volume 7

The Importance of Telecommunication Accessibility for People Living with Hearing Loss

This article is the first of a two-part series discussing how the field of audiology can modernize its approach to enhance telecommunication usability for people living with hearing loss. The current article will discuss issues related to the new telecommunication needs of our audiology patients and part two will include a brochure designed to help navigate the various technological options available to improve telecommunication usage.

An Examination of Living with Hearing Loss in an Inaccessible World: When Hearing Aids are Not Enough

In this edition of Issues in Accessibility, Janine Verge interviews Dr. Hugh J Haley, a psychologist who shares his personal experience living with hearing loss and the challenges and barriers he has encountered.

Ten Ways to Improve Hearing Access During Your Next Virtual Meeting

Understanding potential listening barriers and identifying how to effectively maximize communication is the key to holding a successful virtual meeting.

Can You Hear Me in the Back? The Answer is No!

Janine Verge shares her top 5 reasons to always use a microphone when public speaking.

Changing Perceptions on Hearing Loss on PEI… One Project at a Time

Daria Valkenburg fills us in on how a few on Prince Edward Islanders are committed to changing perceptions on hearing loss.

Rick Hansen Foundation: Supporting Persons with Hearing Loss

For the last 30 years, Rick and the Rick Hansen Foundation have been working hard to create awareness and deliver innovative solutions and support people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.