Is Hearing Loss in Older Adults Predictive of Later Development of Dementia and Does Hearing Care Modify Dementia Risk?

This paper provides an overview of the rapidly expanding research evidence-base concerning connections between hearing and cognition. It underscores the importance of distinguishing between measures to evaluate performance on various domains of cognition in healthy older adults versus measures to screen for dementia and emphasizes that correlation does not prove causation.

Educational Audiology: In the Trenches

You’ve diagnosed a school-aged child with hearing loss, fit and verified hearing aids, and counseled the child and parents about benefits, challenges and expectations. But is the remote microphone being used correctly? Or is it even being used at all?! 

Remembering Alberto Behar

Alberto Behar, a long-time columnist with CanadianAudiologist, and the Canadian Hearing Report before that with Noisy Notes. Alberto was the “go-to” regarding noise exposure, standards, and control. Sadly, Alberto passed away on November 29, 2022.


Quick Answers

Q: “Clinically we occasionally see 2-year-old children with an inquiry of speech delay and they want to verify normal hearing prior to an SLP referral.  And sometimes the child is learning two languages at the same time at home. If there is a speech delay (or concern about a speech delay), should the parents be encouraged to only speak English at home, or continue with the two languages?”

Audiology in the Classrooms

This edition’s column was inspired by Gael Hannen’s most recent article, “A Client’s Rant”, which reminded me that it’s so important for clients to express how hard it is to have a hearing loss, and for professionals to acknowledge this.

The Way I Hear It

Hangovers are the lingering effects of any negative situation. For people with hearing loss, this can be a Bad Group Communication Event (BGCE). Any situation involving marathon group conversations such as family celebrations, parties, women’s getaways, and business meetings that are meaningful and important, can easily sideline you because of accessibility issues.

From the Labs to the Clinics

In my next few columns, I will explore new and exciting studies on using whole human genome sequencing as an emerging clinical tool for audiology.

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