What is Bluetooth and Is It Secure?



What is Bluetooth and Is It Secure?

CanadianAudiologist.ca sat down with Steve Armstrong of SoundGoodLabs to talk about Bluetooth.

Does the REUR Need to Be Subtracted for Non-occluding Fittings? What about Speechmap / SPL-o-gram Methods?

Real-ear measurement (REM) is an invaluable tool for ensuring that hearing instruments are providing the appropriate gain/output for a client’s hearing loss In this regard, there are 2 primary verification philosophies: the real-ear insertion gain (REIG) approach and the more recent real-ear aided response (REAR) / SPL-o-gram approach, each with their own relative pros and cons.

Public Concern and Measurements of Noise in the City

This article on historical facts in acoustics, centered on the subject of noise and health, is the final in the series that began with the article of the first anti-noise groups in 1895 and the first international anti-noise convention of 1908, and goes up to 1950 when the first urban zoning ordinances were published which established noise limits with numerical values in decibels.


What’s New About Getting Older?

CanadianAudiologist.ca is pleased to welcome Dr. Kathy Pichora-Fuller as our new columnist. Her column “What’s new about getting older?” will delve into all aspects of ageing and hearing ranging from health policy developments to neurophysical research on the aging auditory brain.

From the Labs to the Clinics

Bob writes a follow-up from his previous column to further discuss applications of whole genome sequencing (WGS) in audiology. Part 1 was shared with audiology colleagues and trainees and their feedback is the basis for this article.

The Way I Hear It

All people with hearing loss have experienced the two most painful words in the hearing loss dictionary—never mind. But another question stings every hearing aid or cochlear implant user: “Have you got your ears (or, things) in?”

Audiology in the Classrooms

In this issue, Pam Millett outlines why we need more educational audiologists in Canadian schools, not just to manage equipment, but to serve an integral role in the educational management of students and help ensure continued access to audiology services at school.

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Question: “If You are Performing an Insertion Gain Measurement, Do You Need to Subtract the REUR If It’s a Non-occluding Fitting?

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