Life as an Audiologist: Stories Too Good Not to Tell



Life as an Audiologist: Stories Too Good Not to Tell

Even the best hearing care professionals make mistakes or find themselves in unexpected situations. Here are some humorous and poignant stories from “the trenches” of audiology.

Measuring Peak Noise Exposure…While Outrunning the Cops

So…. I was trying to innocently measure my noise dose during a 2-hour trip from Buffalo, New York to Toronto, Canada with my roof down in my 2006 Toyota (bright red) convertible—it was a sunny Sunday afternoon. All was going fine until this car came up behind me with flashing lights and a very loud siren.

Environmentally Conscious Hearing — A Look at Three Exciting Devices

Have you ever looked at a hearing aid and wondered, "How does this affect the climate?" We all have. Sure, these sweet little gadgets help us hear and connect to the world, but are we really listening to what the world is saying? If we were, we would be hearing the world asking us politely to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Government Announces That Hardware Stores Are Now Authorized to Remove Wax

LEGAL NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME… or anywhere else…
Today, the Federal Ministry of Health announced that hardware stores across Canada, and certain parts of Idaho and South Carolina, are now authorized to perform cerumen management on their customers.

Dusting Off Some Gems from the Audiologists’ Desk Reference Books

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were just one book, filled with charts, graphs, tables, and figures that would serve as single source for professors, researchers, clinicians and even students—The Audiologists’ Desk Reference or ADR was born.


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