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Overview of Smartphone Control of Hearing Aids

In this issue of Canadian Audiologist we have invited all hearing aid manufacturers to submit short overviews of their products and how they can be controlled with smartphone and app use.

Science Matters

In this issue’s Science Matters feature, Marshall Chasin and William Yost delve into the world of complex pitch with an interesting feature containing, an introduction, a letter to the editor, a “Back to Basics” column, and a very interesting discussion.


Stories from Our Past

Marshall fires up the Canadian Audiologist time machine one more time and gives us a book review about Herman G. Wallenfels 1967 book, “Hearing Aids on Prescription.”

Noisy Notes

In spite of presentations and articles about the effects of noise. Alberto tries to figure out why people really like noise.

From the Labs to the Clinics

Robert Harrison gives us an overview of his message from the recent ENT World Congress in Paris entitled “Central auditory changes in sensorineural hearing loss.”

Grand Central Station

What is old is new again. It seems as if the topic of auditory training is continuously “hot.” Kelly Tremblay explores it’s recent surge in popularity.

The Wired Audiologist

The Wired AuD returns with some helpful tips from Bill Bielski and Peter Stelmacovich on transitioning to post-secondary school.

Other People's Ideas

Courtesy of our friends at, Calvin Staples provides some updates on possible treatment opportunities for tinnitus sufferers.

The Way I Hear It

Gael Hannan tells us why it’s time for Canada to implement a national standard of newborn hearing screening and how the high cost of not doing so is far greater.
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