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The Vestibular Patient Journey: An Interview with a Patient Diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Erica Zaia, MSc, RAUD and Michael Vekasi, AuD, R.Aud, Aud(C), FAAA interview a patient presenting with dizziness and imbalance to look at how vestibular impairments negatively impact our patients’ quality of life and how our interactions with them contribute to their patient journey. This is the second article in this patient-focused series, featuring a patient diagnosed with vestibular migraine.


From the Labs to the Clinics

The purpose of this summary is to provide some background information that may be of assistance in Treating of Sensorineural Hearing Loss with Corticosteroids.

Audiology in the Classrooms

This article is a continuation from the previous column in issue #4 of, but this time around, concentrating on the non-auditory effects of noise in the classroom for students, rather than for teachers.

The Way I Hear It

Gael can’t hear you, she’s too tired! When the auditory well of vitality runs dry...

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CAA News: September 2022
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