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Volume 7

Noise Management in Pediatric Hearing Aid Fitting

Scollie and Bagatto explore the difficulties in making recommendations for noise management for children who use hearing aids.

Pediatric Audiology

In the midst of an extraordinary time in public health around the world, I am pleased to share the work of my expert colleagues in pediatric audiology.

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids—The Canadian Perspective

Over-the-Counter hearing aids have come up in talks and discussions at the annual CAA conference. This has led to the formation of an OTC working group and articles here in past issues of Canadian Audiologist. With this special issue, we are hoping to further the discussion.

Volume 5

Development of a Pediatric Fitting Protocol for Bone Conduction Hearing Devices

Dr Bagatto tells us about how the Pediatric Bone Conduction Hearing Device Working Group has designed and executed informative projects related to BCHD fitting in children.