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Volume 11

A Quick Test For Cochlear Dead Regions in Those With a Unilateral Sensori-Neural Hearing Loss and Also to Check if Your Loudspeakers Are Working Well

Several “hearing tests” can now be performed in the quiet of one’s own home. These are predominantly threshold-based tests and are typically limited by the environmental condition of the test room or by the asymmetry of unmatched earphones or loudspeakers commonly used by the public.

Volume 7

Testing for Cochlear Dead Regions: Audiometer Implementation of the TEN(HL) Test

High thresholds in the TEN are likely in all cases to be associated with a poor ability to understand speech when background sounds are present.

Volume 2

What is the Best Earphone for Listening To Music?

Do you ever wonder what the best earphone for listening to music is? Marshall Chasin has the answers.