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Volume 10

New Discovery- Cavemen wore hearing protection!

A recent discovery found in a cave in the most remote regions of North York in Canada proves that cavemen wore hearing protection.

Volume 9

Quick Answers

Q:  Is someone with a hearing loss more (or less) susceptible to future hearing deterioration from loud than those with normal hearing? A:  One’s initial gut feeling is that if there is already cochlear damage, then this would increase the chances of further hearing difficulty when compared with someone with normal cochlear function, given the…

Use of Hearing Aids in a Noisy Workplace Environment

Hearing loss is a well-known fact, resulting from many causes, the main ones being associated with aging and exposure to high noise levels for extended periods. It is also no secret that wearing hearing aids will greatly facilitate navigating through everyday life by allowing the wearer to hear speech, music, and noises in general.

Volume 8

Changes in the prevalence and characteristics of hearing loss in a noise-exposed population between 1980 and 2015

Originally published in Canadian Acoustics, we’re pleased to share the study by Brown et al examining that the prevalence of hearing loss decreased, and hearing thresholds generally improved in an occupationally noise exposed population between 1980 and 2015 in British Columbia

Hearing Protectors

Hearing protectors are the most popular way to control hazardous noise. There are several issues related to the very essence of the protectors and the way they are chosen and used and we will examine some of the basic concepts involved and deal with their practical applications over the next few issues.

Volume 5

Hearing Protector Fit Testing

Alberto writes about how fit testing helps workers understand the importance of proper usage of their hearing protectors.


Noise guru Alberto Behar answers some questions regarding the use of the term Noise Reduction Rating, especially when dealing with custom-made hearing protectors.

Volume 4


Symphonic music can pose a hearing hazard for musicians. Alberto Behar and his colleagues investigate the use of acoustic shields as a potential safeguard.

Volume 3


Readers of Alberto’s column should by now be used to his predilection for rigorously defining terms that are frequently used in the acoustics side of the field. In keeping with that practice he defines Hearing Protectors, Hearing Loss, and Intelligibility, so that there will be no misunderstandings.

Volume 2

The Best Hearing Protector

Alberto Behar explores the issue of hearing protection comfort related to usage.