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Volume 9

Hidden Hearing Loss: Revisiting the Significance of Word Recognition Scores in Standard Audiometric Evaluations

Scientific reports. (2022) has reignited our interest in “hidden hearing loss.” We caught up with one of the authors of this report, Dr. Stephane Maison, for both a summary of this important research, as well as a more general Question and Answer section that immediately follows the reference section of the summary.

Volume 5

Hidden versus Not-so-Hidden Hearing Loss

The term hidden hearing loss has been used by some to refer more generically to functional deficits such as difficulty understanding speech-in-noise, tinnitus, and hyperacusis, based on the hypothesis that these functional deficits, which are “hidden behind a normal audiogram.” To avoid confusion, it is helpful to use precise language when referring to synapse loss, rather than using the term “hidden hearing loss.”

Volume 4

The CAA Annual Conference Was Great Except for One Thing…

After a very successful and interesting CAA Conference, Bob Harrison wonders why there was not one single session related to cochlear implantation.