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Volume 9

Book Review

Audiological Research Over Six DecadesJames Jerger, PhDPlural Publishing, Inc.ISBN # 978-1-63550-370-8 Reviewed by Marshall Chasin, AuD I must admit to being a voyeur… or at least a historical voyeur. Audiological Research Over Six Decades provides us with a historical glimpse into how the research was performed, and its evolution, and in some cases, its return…

Volume 8

The Remarkable History of Right-Ear Advantage

This article takes readers on an extraordinary journey of the auditory system and looks at some of the interesting implications of right-ear advantage in terms of binaural processing, speech understanding, and amplification.

Volume 7

The Quest for Audiometric Zero

Here is a brief history of the evolution of audiometric zero, the conflicting studies and controversies surrounding it, and how “0 dB” on the audiometer was ultimately established and standardized.

Volume 6

Lessons from the Past: Two Influential Articles in the Early History of Audiology

Within a span of 8 months in 1946, two papers dramatically changed the course of audiology.

Volume 5

Binaural Interference- A Guide for Audiologists

ISBN: 978-1-63550-076-9 List price: $69.95 URL: As the editor in chief of Canadian Audiologist it is my responsibility to select reviewers for new publications. Typically this can be like pulling teeth but for Binaural Interference- A Guide for Audiologists there was a deluge of volunteer reviewers. I first thought of playing King Solomon who…