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Volume 7

Striking the Right Balance — To Normalize or Not to Normalize? That is the Question!

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Maxime Maheu, M.Sc.S.(A), PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Montreal, answers a critical question asked by Audiologists performing VEMP testing in clinical settings. Follow his advice for obtaining reliable recordings and providing valuable input when reporting your results.

Volume 5

Moving from Bedside to Clinic: Electrocochleography Applications

Although ECochG technique is not one of the most common audiological assessments in clinical settings, it has a range of valuable clinical applications in the evaluation of the inner ear and auditory nerve function.

Volume 3

Dizziness is the Bane of Existence of the General Physician, Emergency Room Doctor, and Neurologist

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Dr. Ken Makus, a private practice neurologist, and his son Donovan Makus, discuss vestibular migraine.

Volume 1

Positional Vertigo: Could It Be Migraine Related?

The authors present a brief background on migraines as well as a case history of a patient with a possible vestibular migraine.