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Volume 3

SNR-Mate© A Useful, Effective, and Simple Test Lost to Time and Sound Card Changes

Wayne and Steve tell us the tale of the “SNR-Mate© A Useful, Effective, and Simple Test Lost to Time and Sound Card Changes.”

Deep Canal Hearing Aids – A Concept, Not a Style

Wayne Staab tells us the story of how, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a series of events occurred that brought fitting hearing aids more deeply into the ear canal.

Program the Aid, and Whatever You Hit is the Target

Wayne Staab explores the question of what is the gain/response target of optimal hearing aid amplification.

Volume 2

Remote Teleprogramming of Hearing Aids

In this installment of Trends, Wayne Staab looks at “Remote Teleprogramming of Hearing Aids.”

Disposable Hearing Aid

Wayne Staab looks back on the disposable hearing aid that was introduced in 2000 By Songbird Medical.

Hearing Testing History: Western Electric 2-A Audiometer

Class is in session as Wayne Staab gives us some Hearing Testing History on the Western Electric 2-A Audiometer.

Hearing Aids – Age and Type from MarkeTrak 9

Wayne Staab gives us an overview of the Marke Trake 9 survey which was designed to form a new baseline of data to provide a solid backdrop on the hearing aid market, and also to serve as a reference and starting point for future analyses and publications, as well as follow-up research.

Energy Harvesting and Hearing Aids

Wayne Staab explores the possibility to overcoming hearing aid power disadvantages by extracting (harvesting) energy from either the human or the environment involved.

The Elusive Road to Binaural Hearing Aids

Wayne Staab takes us for a trip along “The Elusive Road to Binaural Hearing Aids”

Volume 1

Movies – Too Loud?

Ever wonder why movies seem to be getting louder? Wayne Staab did and he tells us why this is happening in this issue’s installment of Trends.