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Volume 2

Energy Harvesting and Hearing Aids

Wayne Staab explores the possibility to overcoming hearing aid power disadvantages by extracting (harvesting) energy from either the human or the environment involved.

The Elusive Road to Binaural Hearing Aids

Wayne Staab takes us for a trip along “The Elusive Road to Binaural Hearing Aids”

Volume 1

Movies – Too Loud?

Ever wonder why movies seem to be getting louder? Wayne Staab did and he tells us why this is happening in this issue’s installment of Trends.

A Geek and His Hearing Aids

In this issue, Wayne Staab and Steve Armstrong tell us about how some hearing aid users have exceptional technical skills that can often challenge those who fit hearing aids.

Vestibular Activity – The Agony and the Ecstasy

Wayne Staab explores the agony and ecstasy of vestibular activity.

Music: Sound or Sight?

Wayne Staab tells us why hearing may be the most influential sense of them all.

Bluetooth Technology – Part I

Wayne Staab and Steve Armstrong answer the questions “What is So Great About Bluetooth?”