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Volume 3

The Wired Audiologist

In his last column, Peter discussed candidacy for wireless microphones. In this issue, he shares some personal strategies he uses in challenging listening situations.

Who Needs a Wireless Microphone?

A colleague recently expressed the opinion ‎that very few of her clients are candidates for additional wireless microphone systems and the number of candidates in her opinion was likely less than 1%.‎ Peter Stelmacovich argues that the reality is the number of potential candidates for adaptive wireless‎ microphones could be as high as 40% and explains why.

Audiology and Acceptance

While there may be many things in life worth complaining about, Peter Stelmacovich explains why his hearing loss isn’t one of them.

Volume 2

The Patient’s Role in Developing a Treatment Plan

In this installment of The Wired Audiologist, Peter explains how engaging the patient as part of the treatment planning process is critical to the success of the plan.

Disruptive Innovation

On a recent trip to Paris, Peter Stelmacovich wondered if there may be threats to audiology from new innovations.

Names…My Greatest Nightmare

Peter give us some insight into a particular issue faced by people with hearing loss in his latest column entry called, “Names…My Greatest Nightmare.”

From Good to Great and the Right to Hear Everything

Peter writes that his fellow audiologist the skills and the technology to achieve great results but need to become less complacent to achieve great things.

A Conversation with an Audiologist

Peter recently had the pleasure of chatting with an audiologist who has incorporated speech perception in noise testing as part of her regular clinical protocol.

A Treatment Planning Checklist

In Peter’s last column he discussed the value and importance of incorporating speech-in-noise testing into an audiologist’s standard set of assessments. Now he tells us how to develop a treatment plan with this information.

Volume 1

The Value of Speech in Noise Assessments

In this installment of The Wired Audiologist, Peter Stelmacovich outlines why he believes that performing speech in noise assessments have a huge number of benefits for both the audiologist and the client.