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Volume 9

Labeling COVID-19’s Long Term Effects—What’s the Diagnosis?

This article addresses and defines the language associated with COVID-19 and reports on the attempts being made to establish appropriate medical terminology as it pertains to COVID-19 patients who are still experiencing medical issues for weeks and even months after the diagnosis.

Volume 6

Indigenous Peoples Guide to Terminology, Usage Tips & Definitions

We have the honour of being able to interview Bob Joseph who is President of Indigenous Corporate Training Inc which provides training to corporations and government agencies about Indigenous populations.

From the Labs to the Clinics

Bob Harrison gives us a review of the many aspects of audiology where terminology is an issue. Sometimes important terms are misused, ambiguous or even lost!

Audiology in the Classrooms – A Terminology Primer for Education

This primer will focus on terminology, abbreviations, and jargon commonly used in education. Terminology will vary across jurisdictions, but many terms are common across Canada, North America and even internationally.

Terminology in the 21st Century

Various terminology is used to describe people with disabilities. The use of certain terms is understandably negative and should be avoided.

The Way I Hear It – What’s In A Name?

The sticky bog of hearing loss nomenclature often confuses ‘hearing’ people. It can also make grumpy-bears out of some people who ‘hear differently.’