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Volume 5

Michael Valente has Accomplished the “Hat Trick”

Mike Valente is one of the rare audiologists to accomplish an audiology “hat trick” He’s improved hearing and communication for people with hearing loss through teaching, research, and clinical service.

Mike: The Marathon Mentor

There is picture of Mike next to the word mentor in the dictionary…or at least there should be. When you are an early graduate student, you don’t understand the importance of a mentor until you have a great one and for some students they had the best, Mike Valente.

Mike Valente: The Helper

Faced with a pressing issue, in need of some quick advice, and with her go-to mentor out of the country, AU Bankaitis cold-called Dr. Valente. She looks back on where that cold call took them as friends and colleagues.

Mike Valente—The Perfect Man

Roeser and Hosford-Dunn explain why Mike is perfect as defined by having all the desirable qualities or characteristics that make you want to hang out with someone. He’s as good as it is possible to be.

Valente Vignettes: Bad Introductions, Billy Joel, and Baseball

After overcoming an initial erroneous introduction, Gus looks back on the past 35 years where he and Mike have worked together on research projects, articles, book chapters, journal editing, and various committees.

Mike Valente: Universal Respect

Robert explains why Mike Valente has earned the universal respect of his peers.

Mike Valente: Colleague and Friend

Dave has had the distinct pleasure of working on many research projects with Dr. Mike Valente over the years and his experience in collaborating over nearly 25 years’ time has been that Mike is unswervingly deadline-driven, clinically relevant, evidence-based, incredibly efficient, and radically candid.