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Volume 3

The Wired Audiologist

In his last column, Peter discussed candidacy for wireless microphones. In this issue, he shares some personal strategies he uses in challenging listening situations.

Who Needs a Wireless Microphone?

A colleague recently expressed the opinion ‎that very few of her clients are candidates for additional wireless microphone systems and the number of candidates in her opinion was likely less than 1%.‎ Peter Stelmacovich argues that the reality is the number of potential candidates for adaptive wireless‎ microphones could be as high as 40% and explains why.

An Overview of Hearing Instrument Wireless Technology

In this issue’s entry, Samidha Joglekar provides a basic overview of wireless technology in hearing instruments, and touches upon some of the research areas being examined with the implementation of this wireless technology.

Volume 1

A History of e2e Wireless Technology

Rebecca Herbig, Roland Barthel, and Eric Branda, give us a history of e2e wireless technology.

The First Wireless CROS

Harry Teder tells us about the first wireless CROS.