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Volume 7

Verification of Direct Streaming to Hearing Aids: A How-to Guide to the Digital Listening Environment

Our friends at GNResound share how the rise in connectivity has enabled powerful tools that help hearing aid users hear better in difficult listening environments, customize sound quality by environment, and improve ease of use of hearing aids.

Volume 6

Tinnitus and Sound Tolerance Program at the University of Montreal’s Clinic of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Choquette and Wright tell us about The University of Montreal’s speech-language pathology and audiology clinic’s tinnitus and sound tolerance problem program added in 2015.

Volume 4

Exceeding Client Expectations with Acoustically Treated Fitting Spaces

James Wright tell us that while delivering and fitting a new set of hearing aids, the first impression is of key importance for the client to make an easy transition to life with this new and costly addition to their communications needs. The hearing aid must meet the criteria of being physically comfortable to wear, aesthetically acceptable and perhaps most importantly, improve the quality of life for the user as they gain confidence in this new technology.