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Volume 5

Industry Research: A Canadian Evaluation of Real-Life Satisfaction of Hearing Aids with Direct Connectivity

Kalef and colleagues share their recent research where they aim replicate and thus further validate the evidence from the 2016 study (A Canadian Evaluation of Real-Life Satisfaction of Hearing Aids in Challenging Environments) and to provide empirical evidence of the efficacy of direct connectivity to iPhones in hearing aids.

Volume 4

The Road to the Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid

Buckle up and enjoy the ride as Robert Traynor takes on a trip down “The Road to the Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid.”

Do Hearing Aids Meet ANSI Standards?

Some professionals wonder if these quality control procedures are necessary or still applicable to today’s technology. Dr. Jourdan Holder tells us why these measures for hearing aids are still a critical component to providing best-practice patient care.

US Food and Drug Administration Commitment to OTC Hearing Aids: Reflections for Canadian Practice

Reframing the role of audiology is based on the assumption that the value of a good or service is defined by the customer. Those that produce the good or service are more successful when they have a clear understanding of these customer specifications and tailor the features of their product to match. If a gap exists between what customers identify as valuable and what is readily available, it presents an opportunity for those that produce the good or service to close that gap by modernizing what they produce. This is an ongoing challenge for audiologists, since what customers want and value often changes regularly over time.

Volume 3

Breaking the 2 Meter Hearing “Bubble”

Bill Droogendyk tells us how you can help your clients break the 2 meter hearing bubble by fitting them with telecoil equipped hearing devices! A non-proprietary, value adding, universal hearing solution that can be implemented almost anywhere.

Don’t Make Us Beg

Gael Hannan points out that consumer advocates want to work with the hearing health industry to bring about change but Canadians with hearing loss are waiting. Please, don’t make them beg.

Volume 2

Breaking the 2 Meter Hearing “Bubble”

Hearing loops expert Bill Droogendyk explores the importance of “Breaking the 2 Meter Hearing “Bubble”

From Good to Great and the Right to Hear Everything

Peter writes that his fellow audiologist the skills and the technology to achieve great results but need to become less complacent to achieve great things.

Love Poem to Hearing Aids

Gael Hannan debunks an urban myth that people who use hearing aids dislike them with her wonderful Love Poem to Hearing Aids.

Volume 1

Music and Hearing Loss: What Works for Me

17-year-old musician Kyle McVea tells us what works for him when it comes to performing with hearing aids.