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Occupational Noise Exposure in Nightclubs

This paper presents is summary of sound levels measured inside nightclubs featuring loud music and a study of the hearing damage risk potential to the employees and patrons.


The authors introduce us to the current programs from H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established 1988 in San Francisco, California which was the first of its kind to launch world-wide music hearing conservation campaigns with the support of founding donor Pete Townshend of the Who, The Bill Graham Supporting Foundation, The Les Paul Foundation, The Hearing Aid Music Foundation and others.

Measuring Directionality of Modern Hearing Aids

Marc Aubreville, Dipl.-Ing and Stefan Petrausch, PhD explain why directionality in hearing aids is a key factor in understanding speech in noise, especially in very complex and demanding situations.

Is mHealth the Solution to the Global Audiology Shortage?

Dr. Matthew Bromwich explains how the use of low-cost consumer devices to provide basic and advanced hearing testing was both cost- and time-efficient. And, when faced with the massive global shortfall of audiometric services, it is important to conduct intelligent triage to streamline access to services for those who need them. They believe that mHealth has the potential to transform the face of heath service delivery across the globe.

ReSound® Leads in the Evolution of Smart Hearing Aids

Courtesy of their in-house audiologist, Samidha Joglekar we learn how GN ReSound has consistently been an industry leader throughout the significant advances in the hearing industry by effectively introducing hearing instrument technologies and designs that dutifully address the changing needs of individuals with hearing impairment.


The Wired Audiologist

Peter writes that his fellow audiologist the skills and the technology to achieve great results but need to become less complacent to achieve great things.

Science Matters

In this issue’s Science Matters, Richard Tyler and Aniruddha Deshpande from The University of Iowa give us the lowdown on the recently published Clinical Practice Guideline: Tinnitus put out by the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

From the Centre Out

In this issue’s From the Centre Out, the legendary Jack Katz tells us about “Three Aspects of Speech-in-Noise Training.”

Back to Basics

In this issue’s Back to Basics, our resident audiology (and karate) black belt, Marshall Chasin, gives us a lesson in how to practice “Defensive Audiology.”

Noisy Notes

When measuring sound or noise we often get immersed in dBA, sound pressures, intensity, levels, etc. Do we need all of those? Most probably, no! It depends what you want to describe/measure, but still you have to know which term to use and when! Alberto Behar will sort it out for us.

Other People's Ideas

Via the fine blogs at, Calvin Staples explores the dispute over whether there are any health implications from wind turbines.


Wayne Staab gives us an overview of the Marke Trake 9 survey which was designed to form a new baseline of data to provide a solid backdrop on the hearing aid market, and also to serve as a reference and starting point for future analyses and publications, as well as follow-up research.
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