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Celebrating the Career of Alan Moore



Celebrating the Career of Alan Moore

Upon his recent retirement, Canadian Audiologist takes a look back at the remarkable career of Alan Moore.

Pitch Discrimination Task Performance with Musicians Wearing Musicians Earplugs™

Johnson et al undertook this project to investigate psychoacoustic capabilities in normal hearing musicians with and without custom Musicians Earplugs™. Since perception is imperative to musicians, there is a need for research on how Musicians Earplugs™ impact one’s perception.

Best Practices in Hearing Enhancement

The author’s neighbour “Jack” who has a bilateral moderate-to-severe hearing loss, handed her a one-page handout provided by his audiologist and asked, “Can you help me choose the best model?”

Student Poster Presentations

In this issue, we are proud to present two more Student Poster Presentation from the 2014 CAA Conference. In this issue we give you, “The Relationship Between Hearing Loss and Adult Refsum’s Disease,” by Elizabeth Conrod, MClSc and “The Use of Auditory Training to Improve Auditory Processing in Individuals with Schizophrenia,” by Khalil Surahyo, MClSc.


The Wired Audiologist

In this installment of The Wired Audiologist, Peter explains how engaging the patient as part of the treatment planning process is critical to the success of the plan.

Other People's Ideas

After a colleague’s recent comments about how loud it was at a recent Blue Jays’ playoff game, Calvin Staples started thinking about patients with NIHL and the shape of the NIHL audiogram. Calvin found some interesting related blogs on the topic over at our friends at

The Way I Hear It

Advocates are often posting articles about what NOT to say to deaf people. In this instalment of “The Way I Hear It,” Gael Hannan tells us what we SHOULD say.

From the Centre Out

Kim Tillery is back in this issue with a look at “Investigating CAPD in Individuals with Nonverbal Learning Disorder.”

Back to Basics

Inspired by a trip to the vet, Marshall Chasin explores the question of whether “In-Ear Monitors Need To Be Aimed at the Eardrum.”

Science Matters

Danielle Glista and her colleagues at The National Centre for Audiology are the guest contributors for this issue and tell us all about the “Clinical Changes to RECD Measures: Understanding How the RECD Fits Into the “Big Picture” of Hearing Aid Fitting.”

Striking the Right Balance

In this issue’s installment, guest contributor Erica Zaia talks about her involvement with the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professions of British Columbia and the development of the Advanced Competency Certificate in vestibular assessment and management.

Noisy Notes

Our resident noise guru Alberto Behar gives us a lesson on “Sound Pressure and Sound Power.”

Stories from Our Past

In this installment of Trends, Wayne Staab looks at “Remote Teleprogramming of Hearing Aids.”
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