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A Canadian Evaluation of Real-Life Satisfaction of Hearing Aids in Challenging Environments

Ryan Kalef and his colleagues share with us the results of a Canadian-based clinical trial that was conducted across the country with the aim of providing empirical evidence of the efficacy of the Widex U-platform.

Genomic Hearing Research and Development in Newfoundland

This article will tell you all about Newfoundland and Labrador’s Centre for Genomics-Based Research and Development in Hearing Science and its mission to facilitate discovery, innovation, and knowledge translation, with a focus on the genomic determinants of auditory dysfunction.

Bidding Farewell to Personal FM

As a number of companies are active in the development of digital streaming remote microphone technologies, Daniel Paccioretti bids farewell to the personal FM system.

Is Induction Loop Technology Old News?

Tim and Mike tell us why the Induction Loop continues to be the most practical, convenient and reliable system available for assistive listening in public places.

Breaking the 2 Meter Hearing “Bubble”

Bill Droogendyk tells us how you can help your clients break the 2 meter hearing bubble by fitting them with telecoil equipped hearing devices! A non-proprietary, value adding, universal hearing solution that can be implemented almost anywhere.

The Case for Tablet Audiometry

Innovative thinkers recognized that the mobility and true portability of these tablet computers could be used to rethink the way audiometers are used. Composed of software, a tablet, and a set of calibrated headphones, a new evolution in audiometry is being realized.


The Wired Audiologist

In his last column, Peter discussed candidacy for wireless microphones. In this issue, he shares some personal strategies he uses in challenging listening situations.

Other People's Ideas

Courtesy of our friends at, Calvin Staples is takes us back to school with some excellent blog selections about hearing in the classroom.

The Way I Hear It

In this issue’s installment, Gael Hannan tells us why you might want to drop by your local watering hole to help protect your hearing.

Stories from Our Past

Wayne and Steve tell us the tale of the “SNR-Mate© A Useful, Effective, and Simple Test Lost to Time and Sound Card Changes.”

Back to Basics

Based on his 35 years of working at the Musicians’Clinics of Canada (, Marshall Chasin writes “An Open Letter to Hard-of-Hearing Musicians”.

Noisy Notes

Did you wonder if there is anything coming up for people with an interest in the effects of noise and noise control? Alberto Behar gives is the lowdown on the upcoming acoustical events around the world.
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