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Marshall Chasin catches up with legendary audiologist Richard Seewald to discuss his outstanding career and find out what’s been keeping him busy in “retirement.”

Do Hearing Aids Meet ANSI Standards?

Some professionals wonder if these quality control procedures are necessary or still applicable to today’s technology. Dr. Jourdan Holder tells us why these measures for hearing aids are still a critical component to providing best-practice patient care.

Don’t Forget Babies with Hearing Loss in Saskatchewan!

Spurred on by some recent erroneous statements made by the minister of health in Saskatchewan regarding infant hearing screenings, Steve Aiken and the Canadian Infant Hearing Task Force, want to remind everyone that babies in Saskatchewan deserve as much of a chance as do babies in other provinces.

So… Who is Bob Harrison?

Canadian Audiologist was pleased to sit down with one of our newest columnist and explore his fascinating career in audiology.

CAA’s 20th Anniversary!

Gurjit Singh and Marlene Bagatto look back on 20 years of CAA and look ahead to the 2017 conference.


Other People's Ideas

Courtesy of our friends at, Calvin Staples rounds up some interesting blogs that should promote some discussion about how our industry is changing. 

Back to Basics

War stories abound as our Canadian Audiologist’s “General” Marshall Chasin takes us to the front lines of “The dBA versus the dB SPL War.”

The Way I Hear It

Gael Hannan challenges us with some goofy hearing loss questions to take our mind off the serious stuff that’s going on out there in the world. She will give her answers to these quirky queries and we’re sure yours will be widely and wildly different.

Grand Central Station

Whether you call it CAPD, synaptopathy, or hidden hearing loss, Dr. Kelly Tremblay sits down for an informative Q and A with one of the leading experts on this new and exciting area of research, Dr. Sharon Kujawa, PhD.

Noisy Notes

Alberto Behar give us the lowdown on uses and accuracy when it comes to choosing a sound level meter App.

Stories from Our Past

Wayne takes a fascinating look at how today’s audiometer is a far cry from what it was more than one hundred years ago, not only visibly, but also in technology.

From the Labs to the Clinics

Robert Harrison urges all Canadian audiologists to look beyond their own test results and not to forget about etiology when it comes to audiometric evaluation.
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