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Welcome to a Special Issue of Canadian Audiologist Focused on Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids



Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids—The Canadian Perspective

Over-the-Counter hearing aids have come up in talks and discussions at the annual CAA conference. This has led to the formation of an OTC working group and articles here in past issues of Canadian Audiologist. With this special issue, we are hoping to further the discussion.

OTC Hearing Aids: A Call to Action

Persons with hearing difficulties who have postponed seeking assistance likely represent an untapped resource. By reframing your practice and using social media to spread the word you may become a successful disrupter/innovator expanding options for persons with hearing difficulties.


From the Labs to the Clinics

Dr Bob Harrison helps hearing health professionals, audiologists be aware and be prepared to answer questions about health effects of wind turbine noise.

Audiology in the Classrooms

It is challenging for clinical audiologists to keep track of advances in FM system technology. With parent consent, picking up the phone or sending an email to collaborate on technology choices ensures that our students have the best possible access to the world through hearing.

Issues in Accessibility

Daria Valkenburg fills us in on how a few on Prince Edward Islanders are committed to changing perceptions on hearing loss.

The Way I Hear It

Drawing on her lifetime of training as a person with hearing loss and receiving care from a lot of hearing professionals, Gael Hannan shares some helpful tips.

Noisy Notes

Noise expert Alberto Behar explains why the dB is not a unit at all.

Stories from Our Past

Courtesy our friends at, we are happy to share Conroy and Riddington Young’s “A Brief History of Adenoidectomy.”

CAA News

CAA News - March 2020 – CAA Membership, CAA Conference 2020, CAA Webinars on Demand

Industry News

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