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Pediatric Audiology



Pediatric Audiology

In the midst of an extraordinary time in public health around the world, I am pleased to share the work of my expert colleagues in pediatric audiology.

A World’s First Addition to Ontario’s Infant Hearing Program

This article outlines a collaboration between the Infant Hearing Program and Newborn Screening Ontario that will place Ontario at the international forefront of early detection and intervention for early childhood permanent hearing loss.

Do Infants with Hearing Loss Listen Like Little Adults?

Anderson et al outline how their study results, paired with previous findings, support exploring how infants with HL utilize both TE and TFS for speech discrimination.

Optimizing Outcomes for Children Who are Hard of Hearing

Walker et al write about how accurate pictures of how hearing aids support language development in children who are hard of hearing and why it is essential to implementing scientifically-based intervention and counseling for caregivers.

From HearOn: Introducing the HearOn Videos for Professionals and Caregivers

An essential component of family-centred early intervention (FCEI) in Communication Sciences & Disorders is that support and educational materials should be offered to families in ways that are meaningful and useful to them.

Striking the Right Balance — To Normalize or Not to Normalize? That is the Question!

In this edition of “Striking the Right Balance,” Maxime Maheu, M.Sc.S.(A), PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Montreal, answers a critical question asked by Audiologists performing VEMP testing in clinical settings. Follow his advice for obtaining reliable recordings and providing valuable input when reporting your results.


Issues in Accessibility

Janine Verge shares her top 5 reasons to always use a microphone when public speaking.

Noisy Notes

This is a review of papers accessed from the Google ScholarTM and MendeleyTM databases that deal with risk of hearing loss when mechanical vibrations are also applied to the bodies of noise-exposed workers.

From the Labs to the Clinics

With the whole world fixated on the viral epidemic, it is timely to remind ourselves about viral infections that can cause hearing loss.

The Way I Hear It

Gael Hannan would like audiologists to remind their clients to reach out others on hearing loss via social media – they will be glad to hear from you!

Audiology in the Classrooms

Pam Millett looks at how the rapid rise in online learning due to COVID-19 has created unique challenges for students with hearing loss and why not enough time and attention has been paid to issues for students with special needs.

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